Walk and Run free on icy and wet surfaces

Necessity is the mother of invention. The idea for IceLock arose from waking up to snow covered path on a morning when we had a big run planned. Also, it came from the perfect day hike that was cut short when the path turned from dirt to packed snow as the elevation of the hill increased. It grew out of the frustration of having to buy different shoes for each season it evolved when we began to think about the hazardous black ice laced trek to the grocery store. Our all-year outdoor lifestyle demanded a solution, a totally new innovative solution, and IceLock was born.

IceLock is a patent pending technology that dramatically increases traction on ice and wet surfaces. Micro-glass filaments are electrostatically aligned in the rubber compound creating slip-stopping surface tension.

The newly designed IceLock soles have distinctive grey and black stripe patterned lugs. Also, their newly developed shape of the bottom profile was specially designed to ensure the lugs wear out much more slowly.

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