Treksta Scandinavia Collection

Treksta is one of the world's leading developer and manufacturer of functional shoes for adults, juniors and children. But it is many climate variances between different continents, as well as different users. Here in Scandinavia we have a climate with both cold and heat, which places extraordinary demands on our shoes. In addition, we generally have a little broader foot. That's why we are happy and proud of our new Treksta Scandinavian Collection. Shoes and boots in the collection are either specially developed for Scandinavian conditions or carefully chosen for Scandinavia from Treksta's other products. Treksta's attention-paid children's collection is a good example, where development is on-going in close cooperation with Treksta's development department and our own Scandinavian shoe experts.

This characterizes Scandinavian Collection:
- Scandinavian inspired design.
- A wider Scandinavian NEST-fit read.
- Unique soft natural rubber in the soles, optimized for our climate, for a very good foundation bracket on all surfaces.
- Many of the products are also supplemented with Treksta's unique ICE lock system for optimum attachment to snow, ice and wet surfaces.
- Treksta’s history of innovation does not stop there. Treksta is constantly moving forward and taking on new challenges.

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