Treksta is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of functional shoes for adults, juniors and children.


When D.C Kwon started the business in Aug 8th 1988, he opened the company under the mission to be the ‘Only One Number One.’

He believed that putting the customers’ needs foremost is the only way to be the ‘Number One’ company in the world. He thought that the number one means the best in everything- Quality, Comfort, and Style. This philosophy still exists in Treksta. Treksta is constantly moving forward to be the number one company in the world.


Treksta Scandinavian Collection is specially created for the Scandinavian people.

Shoes and boots in the collection are either specially developed for Scandinavian conditions or carefully chosen for Scandinavia from Treksta's standard products.

The collection is designed by Treksta's development department and our own Scandinavian shoe experts.

  • Scandinavian inspired design.
  • A wider Scandinavian NEST-fit last.
  • Unique soft natural rubber in the soles
  • Optimized for our climate, for a very good foundation bracket on all surfaces.
  • ICE lock system for optimum attachment to snow, ice and wet surfaces.

The Treksta brand is handled by Improve Business Scandinavia AB, in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.