At Treksta Scandinavian, we don’t believe in compromise. While other shoes force you to choose between grip and durability, HyperGrips’s proprietary rubber compound gives you the best of both. HyperGrip is a global leading brand in high performance rubber soles for outdoor, work and recreation markets. Since 1988, HyperGrip has been producing the most advanced outsoles with the latest equipment and designs.

Over 25 years, bright red oval-shaped logo has represented the quality and our passion for innovation. With the traction and toughness to conquer any terrain, HyperGrip makes sure you-not your shoes- decide how far is far enough.

Key Features

  • Superior traction on dry and wet surfaces.
  • Exceedingly high wear resistant.
  • Strong and stable, light and tough.
  • Won’t degrade or discolor.