We 3-D scabbed and analyzed feet of 20,000people and created a contour map to allow 226bones and 33joints in feet stay in comfort. That’s why NestFIT Last keeps your feet perfectly comfortable compared to other trekking shoes, NestFIT takes off the pressures on your feet by 23% and the level of fatigue on muscle by 31%, letting you enjoy outdoor activities with more fun and comfort.

The conventional shoe last in the past has always been made for a generalized foot shape. From the earliest days till now, there has not been much change in the shape of the shoe last. Treksta’s NestFIT technology finally was born out of measurements taken from around 20,000 individual feet; human feet… just like yours.

NestFIT’s last has kept the natural curve and angle of the toe box. In contrast to the conventional one, NestFIT’s revolutionary last shape allows the upper, insole, midsole, and outsole mold perfectly to fit your feett, providing a customized fit unlike any other. Also, NestFIT lets your toes spread out naturally for better balance and zero crowding.

NestFIT technology is a revolutionary technology, providing a maximum comfort for your feet.